Secador cepillo Volumizer One Step Enhanced, REVLON

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  • Vida útil mejorada del motor: ahora con una vida útil más larga. Mejor motor, golpes más rápidos que puedes alardear todo el día y la noche
  • Peina y seca en un solo paso: estiliza, seca y da volumen a tu cabello en un solo paso, máxima potencia de secado con un 30% menos de encrespamiento y ayuda a reducir el daño del cabello
  • Tecnología iónica + cerámica: diseño único de cepillo ovalado no desmontable para alisar el cabello, mientras que los bordes redondos crean volumen
  • Diseño ovalado único: diseñado con pin de nailon y cerdas copetudas para desenredar, mejorar el volumen y el control
  • Flexibilidad de peinado: 3 ajustes de calor/velocidad con opción fresca para flexibilidad de peinado para adaptarse a tus necesidades de cabello.
  • Enchufe de seguridad: Volumizer 1.0 mejorado cumple con los requisitos de seguridad de Estados Unidos, la unidad está diseñada solo para tomas de corriente de 120 voltios de Estados Unidos. No utilices un convertidor de voltaje o adaptador, ya que lo dañará
  • Cuidado de tu volumizador: limpia la entrada de aire regularmente, retira el pelo del cepillo después de cada uso y no envuelvas el cable alrededor de la unidad. Para mantener las cerdas en las mejores condiciones, deja enfriar la unidad antes de guardarla
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El Voluminizador Revlon One Step 1.0 Enhanced es un secador de pelo diseñado + cepillo de aire caliente para ofrecer un volumen maravilloso y un brillo brillante en un solo paso. El diseño único de cepillo ovalado no desmontable suaviza el cabello mientras que los bordes redondeados crean rápidamente volumen en la raíz para curvas bellamente con cuerpo completo en los extremos en una sola pasada. El cepillo está diseñado con pasador de nailon y cerdas copetudas para desenredar, mejorar el volumen y el control. La flexibilidad de peinado está garantizada con 3 ajustes de calor/velocidad y una opción fresca diseñada para proporcionar la cantidad justa de calor. A diferencia de los secadores de pelo convencionales, este voluminizador se puede colocar más cerca del cuero cabelludo para levantarlo. Impulsado por la tecnología iónica el cabello se seca rápidamente y ayuda a reducir el daño por calor. La unidad de un solo paso está diseñada solo para salidas de 120 V de EE. UU., no recomendamos el uso de un adaptador de voltaje o convertidor, ya que dañará la unidad. La potencia de la nota puede variar dependiendo de la ubicación de uso.

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revlon; revlon one step; revlon one step volumizer; one step; hair dryer; hair dryers; hot air brush
revlon; revlon one step; revlon one step volumizer; one step; hair dryer; hair dryers; hot air brush
revlon; revlon one step; revlon one step volumizer; one step; hair dryer; hair dryers; hot air brush
revlon; revlon one step; revlon one step volumizer; one step; hair dryer; hair dryers; hot air brush
hairdryer; hairdryers; blowdryer; blowdryers; hotairbrush; hotairbrushes; onestep; onestepvolumizer

Información importante

Información de seguridad

La seguridad es lo primero: el secador de pelo y voluminizador Revlon One Step cumple con los requisitos de seguridad de Estados Unidos y cuenta con la certificación ETL, la unidad está diseñada solo para tomas de corriente de 120 voltios de Estados Unidos. No utilices un convertidor de voltaje o adaptador, ya que dañará la unidad


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Peso1 kg
Dimensiones2 × 4,96 cm

‎ 761318123224

Fabricante ‏

‎ Helen of Troy


‎ B097CNMZF5

País de origen ‏

‎ China


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10 valoraciones en Secador cepillo Volumizer One Step Enhanced, REVLON

  1. Boston Musical Mom

    Doesn’t add volume, but does add shine and cut down frizzI have fine, naturally wavy hair and was hoping this product would add volume. It does not do that at all for me, but overall, it has several benefits that I do like.Pros:Leaves my hair so shiny! Looks soft and smooth.Definitely reduces frizz (although the truly humid weather has not hit here in the northeast yet)Doesn’t cause much breakage, definitely less than hair dryer and brush. It’s gentle.Allows the style I have to last longer through the day than regular hair dryer with brush.Low setting is hot enough to get the job done, so I don’t notice any damage to my hair at all.Low setting does not cause static for me.Doesn’t take long to cool down after use, and doesn’t require heating up before use like a curling or straightening tool would.Tool is not heavy, and pretty easy to use.Several times since I started using it, people have asked if I have just gotten a haircut, so I’ll call that a plus!Cons:The medium and high settings are too hot!The medium, high and cool settings all cause static for me, so between the heat being too much and causing static for me, this tool really only has one temperature setting.Does not dry my hair faster at all.When I only use this tool in place I’d hair dryer, my hair has been a disaster and doesn’t hold the style at all. However, if I blow dry my hair to just being damp and then use this, it works very well.It is big, and takes up a lot of storage room.Overall for me, the pros outweigh the cons even though it adds zero volume for me. Shiny, tamed and longer lasting style are all pluses. I would recommend it as a styling tool (not replacing an hair dryer for me) understanding that there’s no added volume.

    marzo 7, 2023
  2. Elizabeth Brock

    Time Saver- 10000% recommend!I have curly hair, before purchasing this I would have to blow dry it straight with a large round brush and then follow up with my straightener to minimize frizz and my curls returning. But since buying this, it has cut my hair routine down to only 30 minutes from wet to dry/straight- instead of taking almost an hour and a half. It gives me amazing volume and looks like I just left the salon every time… My daughter is 8, she has become more independent when it comes to fixing her hair and getting ready since we bought this as well. It’s super easy for her to use and style her hair for school every morning, and QUICK… Saving us time getting ready everyday has been the best thing about this product so far. I plan on ordering the smaller barrel one for my little girls who have short hair. Highly recommend this product!!!!!

    abril 7, 2023
  3. Linda Evans

    it is amazingit is large and takes a little getting used to but it does create volume and I was very happy with the results. I did add some leave-in heat protection smoother spray which left my hair looking great and it was still looking good after 3 days which only occurs when I go to the hair stylist and she blows my hair dry section by section. I am really happy with this brush blow dryer. The only negative thing is that it is loud on high but it dries each section so quickly (I have short hair) that I will happily put up with the sound because when I am done my hair looks great.

    abril 10, 2023
  4. Stephanie Kester

    Game changer and time saverI don’t really have super thick hair, but I have a lot of hair so it tends to act somewhat like thicker hair. I have shoulder length natural silver hair. Not bone straight, I have just enough wave to make it look bad if I don’t flat iron it. I’ve tried other hair dryers with built in brushes and never had good luck with them, this one totally works, and fast. It doesn’t get hung in my hair, but it grabs really well when I’m drying the back. The hot setting is HOT, I normally stick with the medium setting and it does great. I don’t like poker straight hair so for me this tamed everything perfectly so now all I do is use this dryer and no longer have use a flat iron.

    abril 9, 2023
  5. Blueberry Hill

    Love it!I have wimpy, hopeless hair, so I didn’t have much hope for this product, but it actually makes a difference. If I take the time to do it right, the results look almost as if a stylist blow-dried my hair. Amazing. It doesn’t really take long, but sometimes I’m in a hurry. Still, even a couple of minutes with this thing makes a difference. And my hair doesn’t get stuck in it like it does in a round brush. A good range of temperature control. The air can sometimes blow my hair around a bit after I’ve got it “just right,” but definitely recommended. Wish I’d had it years ago.

    abril 7, 2023
  6. Bostonchick

    This brush is a game changer!I never write product reviews, but this brush is amazing! I have curly/wavy hair that is past my shoulders, but very fine. If I don’t blow dry and straighten it right away it gets very curly and frizzy and has always been a pain to blow dry and flat iron. I have never been very good at blowdrying with a round brush and have always relied on the flat iron to get my hair smooth after drying. With this brush, I can let my hair air dry for a bit, and then use this, and I don’t need to use the flat iron at all. My hair looks so full and bouncy that several people have asked me if I just got my hair done. Honestly, with this brush, it looks better than when my hair dresser blow dries! It is so easy to use and takes way less time to do than blow drying. I haven’t tried from wet wet, but today I only let it dry a bit and then used the brush and it was still fast. My only complaint is that the handle is a little big and hard to hold on to, but that is fairly minor. Also, I was worried about it getting tangled in my hair, but so far I have been able to wrap my hair around the brush and not have any issues getting the brush out. I love it!

    marzo 20, 2023
  7. Triq Melita

    Revlon. No substitute!These are a bit on the pricey side, especially since there are tons of alternatives. But alternatives won’t do, as I found out (and had to return other brands). This is the ‘high end’, the higher power volumizer. Powerful, easy to use. One thing missing from the design: a hook at the end to hook it up on the wall (or somewhere) when not in use. Which caused the previous one I had to fall (off a shelf) and break. The little thingie that hooks the brush onto the body broke off – and basically rendered the entire unit useless. So I had to buy a new – this – one. Now I remove the brush when not using so there are two separate pieces to store. The color is nice too, although I only bought it because it was the one on sale.

    marzo 27, 2023
  8. mady

    Life changingI was so on edge about buying it because of the few negative reviews I read but honestly if you’re unsure, I highly recommend buying this thing. If you don’t like it you can send it back but is so worth at least trying because it changed the way I style my hair and my life so much easier. The bristles glide smoothly, I’ve never had my hair get stuck. The barrel is pretty wide so I don’t get tight Curls but I can get somewhat of a curl at the end and then I honestly just use my flatiron to make tighter Curls. But it cuts drying time in half, seriously such a great product and worth the price.

    abril 2, 2023
  9. S. Malek

    Time Saver without Compromising Smoothness or ShineTwo-in-one hairdryer/brush combos have come a long way. I used to dislike them intensely, because either the brush action or the drying action was lacking. I tried this on a friend’s recommendation and was pleasantly surprised, so much so that I told my mother about it, who promptly “stole” mine! So I ordered another one!It is not too heavy, easy to use, and it is helpful that you can easily switch to cool if you need to let your curl cool down. I just wish the “low” setting was slightly more powerful, or if there was a middle setting. I highly recommend it.

    abril 6, 2023
  10. Chandini

    Amazing tool for voluminous looking hair!I’m someone who doesn’t experiment with hair products much due to the fear of damaging my already thinning hair. I was skeptical when I purchased this volumizer but was mind blown when I tried it. My straight hair is almost always flat in the front even when I use a hair dryer well. But this Volumizer gave the puffy look I was expecting, just like how hair stylists set your hair at the salon. I’ve never been able to do this by myself effectively before. So 10/10!The tool was easy to put together. It has varying temperature settings too. The brush has big and small bristles, gentle on the hair.The brush part comes off with one push button, making it easy to store the tool after use. On the whole, this is an amazing product! Highly recommend!

    abril 1, 2023

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