Máquina limpiadora de brochas (lava y seca)

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  • Limpieza y secado rápidos: con este secador limpiador de brochas eléctrico, no necesitas limpiar las brochas de maquillaje con las manos. Limpia tus brochas y sécalas en menos de un minuto.
  • 8 collares de goma para diferentes cepillos (diámetro: 0.118 in, 0.197 in, 0.276 in, 0.394 in, 0.591 in, 0.709 in, 0.945 in, 1.181 in). Ampliamente compatible con el 95% de brochas de maquillaje en el mercado
  • Fácil de usar: el diseño portátil de un botón es conveniente para limpiar y secar. Modo de empleo: 1. Elige el collar de goma adecuado para cepillo y colócalo al spinner. 2. Llena el cuenco con agua y jabón, pulsa el botón para limpiar en el agua. 3. Levántalo para girar y secar.
  • Para una piel saludable: esta máquina limpiadora de brochas puede limpiar eficazmente cosméticos, productos químicos y otras cosas en brochas de maquillaje que son perjudiciales para tu piel. Ya no tienes que preocuparte por problemas de piel. Su función de secado rápido es útil para mantener tus cepillos suaves, limpios y duraderos.
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$ 19,98


Descripción del producto

packing list

What’s included:

1 * Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine

2 * Spindles

8 * Collars (Suitable for 98% brushes in the market)

1 * Bowl

1 * Bowl Neck

1 * Base Stand

1 * User Manual


8 Rubber Collars for Different Brushes – 8 different sizes of rubber collars are included for different brushes. Widely compatible with 95% make-up brushes in the market.

Peso10,55 kg
Dimensiones5,59 × 4,21 cm
Dimensiones del paquete ‏

‎ 5.83 x 5.59 x 4.21 pulgadas; 10.55 Onzas


‎ 711202922426

Fabricante ‏

‎ Neeyer


‎ B083LX58T8



10 valoraciones en Máquina limpiadora de brochas (lava y seca)

  1. Amazon Customer

    Perfect in every wayHonestly when I bought this, I was a little skeptical because I thought there was no way it could clean my dirty brushes just by spinning. I will happily admit that I was wrong! Before, my brushes didn’t get cleaned as much as they should have (ew) because it was so tedious and time consuming, but since I got this they get cleaned every time I use them. It takes 5 minutes to clean them and this neat little gadget even spins them dry in seconds flat! No more waiting until my brushes dry before I can use them again! If you love to do your makeup with brushes, do yourself a favor and get one of these.

    marzo 21, 2023
  2. Chelsi W.

    great for repeated cleaningsThe only thing I would have done differently is give my brushes a deep clean before my first use- since I don’t have to time cleaning my brushes with when I won’t be wearing makeup the next morning, I can clean them more often. But the first clean after a longer period of use didn’t get the deep parts of my foundation brushes. Otherwise- fabulous! Looking forward to being able to keep up with recommended cleaning schedules.

    marzo 27, 2023
  3. Tara

    Life Changer!!Where has this thing been all my brush cleaning life??! Came well packaged and very easy to set up. Amazing value for the money.Tips: Probably don’t want to fill to MAX line. Bubbles will overflow it. It works well with Dawn dish soap and water if you don’t want to spend the extra for brush shampoo. I used the cleaning jar and also a separate bowl with just clean water to rinse the non-water soluble brushes.All in all, an amazing product!

    marzo 24, 2023
  4. M. W. Lerioux

    Cleans and dries brushes quicklyI usually procrastinate washing my makeup brushes because it’s such a hassle and they take forever to dry. The spin function on this brush cleaner is the best! It gets all the excess water off the brush, fans out the bristles so they don’t clump together, and there’s a nice stand to set your brushes in while they dry. If you’re using makeup cleanser, use about half the amount recommended on the box just because it gets very foamy when you spin the brush in the soapy water. Highly recommend this product if you’re lazy like me!

    marzo 10, 2023
  5. A. Williams

    Does the job but, the motor did needs to cool off every once and awhile.This is so much better than the method I had before. I let my brush tips soak in a brush cleaner for a bit, then rinse and place in this spinner. It’s AMAZING! It’s good to go! The only trouble is that it stopped and then, there were some brushes that were tougher to match. Once it cooled off- I guess- it was ready to go again. There are only so many brushes it can do. One other con, not all the bases fit so, I did my best.Overall, I love this thang! Get one!

    febrero 21, 2023
  6. Esmeralda Martinez

    Gets the job done greatIt had been a while since I had actually cleaned my brushes well and instead of buying a new set of brushes, I decided to look for a brush cleaner. My brushes have never looked newer than ever. This really helped get the job done with just some easy steps. Great value for the money because you can use this as many times as you want to clean your brushes thoroughly instead of having to buy new ones.

    marzo 16, 2023
  7. Cat

    More for drying the brushes than anythingI washed my brushes by scrubbing with my hands first cause I knew their was no way it away going to get all the makeup out just by spinning fast, especially my foundation brushes. So I mainly used this to dry them and it got them 90% dry. Then the next morning they were fully dry. I was tired of it taking 3 days for them to air dry. When I saw all the water come out it made sense why it normally takes so long. I used the bowl part to catch all the extra water so I didn’t spray it all over my sink and counter.

    febrero 6, 2023
  8. Casey Federovitch

    Makes the brush washing process much easierI am washing my makeup brushes more frequently with this tool. Not all of my brushes fit nicely in the handle attachments, but it works well enough. It is especially nice how dry they come out!

    febrero 26, 2023
  9. Karla

    Love itCleans and dries brushes all in one ! It’s perfect !

    abril 7, 2023
  10. Pep!

    Works really wellEasy instructions, easy to use. Works efficiently. The vibrations shake all the makeup out of the brushes and it even dries them. Works exactly as described.

    marzo 26, 2023

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