Multitasker - Juego de brochas de maquillaje 4 en 1

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  • Brocha de maquillaje 4 en 1: diseño perfecto 4 en 1, nuestra brocha de maquillaje de viaje combina todos los aplicadores de belleza esenciales en una simple herramienta, satisfaciendo tus necesidades diarias de maquillaje. Perfecto para ahorrar tiempo y espacio. Y son extremadamente portátiles.
  • Brocha multiusos: cepillo de maquillaje desmontable, nuestro cepillo se puede desmontar en 4 pinceles pequeños. Tener esta brocha de maquillaje significa tener una mezcla de esponja de maquillaje, un corrector/cejas/sombra de ojos/delineador/rubor/pincel de contorno al mismo tiempo.
  • Para cualquier tipo de maquillaje: estas brochas se pueden utilizar para aplicar cualquier tipo de cosméticos, ya sea mineral, polvo, crema o líquido.
  • Material de alta calidad: el juego de brochas está hecho de fibra sintética, que es suave y cómoda, lisa y fiable, firme y elástica, adecuada para cara, ojos y labios, lo que te ayuda a crear un maquillaje perfecto. El mango del cepillo es de tubo de aluminio, resistente y duradero.
  • Gran idea de regalo: diseñado para principiantes y entusiastas del maquillaje. Nuestra brocha de maquillaje multifuncional es completamente funcional, fácil de almacenar y transportar. Regalo perfecto para mamá, esposa, novias, amigas.

$ 15,99

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1 US
34 ES
36 ES
36 ES
Peso1,45 kg
Dimensiones2,28 × 1,26 cm
Dimensiones del paquete ‏

‎ 8.15 x 2.28 x 1.26 pulgadas; 1.45 Onzas

Fabricante ‏

‎ Ukiber




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10 valoraciones en Multitasker – Juego de brochas de maquillaje 4 en 1

  1. Laura C.

    Just missing a travel containerI am going on vacation soon and this makeup brush set could be a handy addition to my makeup bag to bring on my trip. The set is cute and versatile. The sponge is dense and firm and the large angled brush is soft. The smaller inside brushes are firm but soft. It comes packaged in a plastic contour form insert which holds the brush set stationary inside the manufacturer’s box.This being described as a travel brush set, it is just missing some sort of case or bag to store it in. As the two smaller brushes are encased and protected inside the middle of the handle, the larger brush and sponge are exposed. I would like to be able to drop it into my bag to take along with me but unless it is washed after every use, any residual makeup would get all over everything. An improvement on this set would be for it to include a travel container or maybe a washable drawstring bag instead of being in the plastic packaging insert. This would also reduce plastic waste.Having a travel case that could be washed would make this a perfect set. In the meantime, I will look for something suitable to keep this in to take on vacation.

    marzo 29, 2023
  2. brownsugars

    OkIt’s an ok makeup brush, I use mostly for travel but I do take other brushes with me just in case cause this is not the best brush but it does work and it will apply you eyeshadow, foundation and blush and etc, but I needed like 4 mor brushes. I will continue to use it but have back ups just in case. It does save space but I thought it would come with a bag or somethin but I do ave this silicone brush holder I can use for travel.

    abril 6, 2023
  3. Kayla

    Saves Space for Travel! ✈️This saves so much space in my travel makeup bag!I can apply foundation, blend in concealer, and brush on some blush all at the same time.Only annoying part is cleaning it afterwards and that’s always no fun lol.

    abril 2, 2023
  4. God-You are our Hope!

    Super fun makeup gadgetIt’s like a multi-tool for makeup! I did four stars since it’s a little tricky to change the parts and heads and the handle seems like it won’t last with the constant interchanging the parts, but it’s really fun to use. It’s great to have for different brushes to use in theater makeup so you have less to hold onto. The brushes themselves are supple and seem good quality, though a couple bristles did come out and the foamy thing works well too. Thanks and God bless you!

    marzo 29, 2023
  5. LC

    Cute and convenient brush setThis little makeup brush is so cute and convenient. Having so many brushes in one compact wand is great, especially for travel. The two inside brushes are exactly what I expected, though the outside blender and brush are smaller than I thought they would be. The beauty blender may take quite a bit longer if applying a full face of foundation. But all the brushes are soft, and although I did see some shedding from one of the inside brushes, the rest seem to be holding up well enough.

    marzo 23, 2023
  6. A.L

    Perfect for travelI would consider the quality of this brush between something you’d get at a dollar store and something you’d get at target. It’s not as nice as my regular brushes but I love the ease of it for travel. We always are trying to save money and book without luggage for trips, so ANYWAY that I can save space, saves us money. Now, instead of packing all of my makeup brushes and sponge, I can just take this. Add some blush, cc cream and mascara and I am good to go. Overall, glad to have it for travel.

    marzo 26, 2023
  7. Yorkies

    Smart concept!This is a very smart concept. 1 brush that turns into 4 brushes for various reasons to use. I wish it came in a case but it will fit in the case I have for brushes. I’m not sure how long the padded brush (for wet foundation) will last, though. I do like these brushes and easy to keep together.

    marzo 22, 2023
  8. Amazon_Obsessed

    Nice concept – great for travel or beginnersThis brush set is a nice concept, I really do love how it’s a 4in1. It’s perfect to keep in my little “touch up” bag in my purse. With that being said, these are not my favorite – as in, they won’t replace my everyday brushes. However, it’s a great set for travel or beginners!

    marzo 27, 2023
  9. Carolyn

    Needs CapsI am not fond of this because it does not have caps, which means that in the long run it will be unsanitary. The quality is ok and I think it would be very good for a younger just starting to use make up lightly. Either way a cap would make this better and a makeup travel companion for me.

    marzo 25, 2023
  10. Kelly

    The idea is great…These are a really great idea. They aren’t the best quality but they do work. There is no cover or storage bag which seems really odd to me. This will work for travel on one trip but then it’s going to get dirty and get everything else dirty.

    marzo 28, 2023

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