Limpiador eléctrico de brochas de maquillaje

(10 valoraciones de clientes)
  • Mantén tu cepillo con un aspecto nuevo: el limpiador eléctrico Norate está hecho con motor premium de 80 rotaciones por minuto y diseño de texturas compactas de recipiente de silicona, puede eliminar el 99% de residuos de maquillaje, aceites y polvo. Mantén tus cepillos limpios sin daños.
  • Limpieza rápida y manos libres: nuestra máquina limpiadora de brochas de maquillaje es fácil de usar y rápida limpieza profunda, mantiene el cable USB enchufado, vierte agua y limpiador a la mitad del recipiente, pulsa el botón de inicio a funcionar, solo un minuto más tarde enjuaga con agua y obtendrás nuevos pinceles.
  • Mantén tu piel saludable: las brochas de maquillaje sucias les provocarán acné, erupciones y otros problemas de piel. Di adiós a los problemas de la piel con el limpiador eléctrico Norate una vez a la semana de limpieza profunda. Imprescindible para los entusiastas del maquillaje
  • Eléctrico y manual disponible: compatible con cualquier adaptador de teléfono celular o cargador portátil para conectar cable USB (aproximadamente 38 pulgadas). También puedes quitar el recipiente de silicona y sostenerlo a mano para lavar tus cepillos si es necesario. Muy cómodo y fácil de transportar.
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$ 20,99

De la marca

Máquina limpiadora de brochas de maquillaje eléctrica giratoria automática profesional de diseño patentado

La máquina limpiadora de brochas de maquillaje eléctrica Norate está diseñada para eliminar residuos de maquillaje, aceite e impurezas de tus brochas para mantenerlas limpias y prolongar la vida útil. Gracias por apoyar la misión de Norate de embellecer el mundo.

Máquina limpiadora de brochas de maquillaje

limpiador de maquillaje para brochas

limpiador de brochas de maquillaje

Maquillador imprescindible

Adecuado para la mayoría de tamaños de pinceles

Limpieza rápida de un minuto

Para cepillos grandes, límpialos en 1 minuto.

Para cepillos pequeños, solo 30 segundos.

Más limpiador de gotas si cepillos grandes.

Puede mantener tus cepillos como nuevos.

Limpieza rápida y fácil de usar

¿Cómo limpiar rápidamente tus brochas de maquillaje?

1. Vierte agua y limpiador hasta que esté medio nivel completo.

2. Un botón de inicio (pulsa mucho tiempo para variar la velocidad).

3. Sujeta y limpia tu cepillo.

4. Enjuaga con agua limpia.

Cepillos limpios y piel saludable

Di adiós a los problemas de la piel

Usar brochas de maquillaje sucias provocaría acné, erupciones u otros problemas de piel.

Limpieza profunda semanal con limpiador eléctrico de brochas de maquillaje.

Imprescindibles para los entusiastas del maquillaje

mejores regalos para esposa, novia, mamá, hija, amigas

Peso7,37 kg
Dimensiones3,74 × 3,74 cm
Dimensiones del paquete ‏

‎ 3.94 x 3.74 x 3.74 pulgadas; 7.37 Onzas

Fabricante ‏

‎ Norate


‎ B0B1JP4SC5


a la tienda de Norate

10 valoraciones en Limpiador eléctrico de brochas de maquillaje

  1. Leslie L.

    Better than hand-washingQuick and efficient, although a little messy if you overfill the bowl. It gets my brushes cleaner than hand-washing.

    abril 3, 2023
  2. babs

    awsomeI used it today and its awesome, works great, cleaned like 5 brushes

    marzo 26, 2023
  3. Tricia

    Actually worksAs you can see in the pic it’s dirty as hell. So apparently it works. You do have to kinda scrape the sides with your brush to clean as you hold in place while it turns. It turns a little slow but gets the job done. I’d say you get about 8 brushes clean before having to clean out with fresh cleaning solution. I use olive oil and dish soap. It’s worth the price.

    febrero 12, 2023
  4. Marisol Martinez

    Clean brushesThis device is useful gets your brushes and sponges clean… buuut to be honest so does me manually cleansing my brushes with a brush pad on my sink… it does get tiring having to switch out the water after cleaning a few brushes I do wish the device itself was bigger and rechargeable instead of it always being powered by a wall outlet

    febrero 8, 2023
  5. Amanda

    Actually WorksSo far I’m really pleased with this thing. It does a much better job than my silicone brush cleaner. I had no issues with the button. You don’t have to push it, you just run your finger over it, it’s more of a sensor so it’s very sensitive. I found keeping more water in it was more useful for me as I move the brush in the opposite direction the cleaner spins. If there is too little water it splashes out. I also spin my brush in my fingers as I move the brush around. I didn’t notice any damage to my brushes. If you refer to the pictures the quality of my brushes is b/c they are really old. They looked like that in the before pictures. I also used this with my Beauty Blender and I blown away with how quick and clean it got. I didn’t expect it to clean it at all but it actually worked. Now this was hard to keep from making a mess as the sponge naturally absorbed the water. Squeezing the water out made quite a mess but it really got it clean. I used EcoTools Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo as the cleaner. I did rinse these under water when I was done. I only changed the water a couple times. I know the water was nasty looking but I only use the brushes on my face so who cares.

    octubre 29, 2022
  6. Janet Allen

    Not very powerful….BUT!It’s not super sturdy nor very powerful, but, it can’t be…if it was like a BLENDER/NINJA the soapy water would fly all over your bathroom! If you have the patience to hold the brush you are attempting to clean steady and take it around and around with some controlled pressure, it works. Another ‘BUT’, you will need to RINSE whatever brush you clean either by hand in the sink, or refill the cup with clean water and spin…which you’re gonna have to clean the cup anyway, it does get lots of residue off your brushes…just takes TIME and patience. It’s a little toy, and sometimes in the right mood, I’ll use it. Other times, I just get to work in the sink with my manual cleaner .

    octubre 1, 2022
  7. 077

    A must-haveThis machine is made with high quality soft silicone material. It protects bristles very well while spinning. A must-have if having many brushes to clean.

    febrero 15, 2023
  8. Canny Yan

    USB not working properly, no press feel on the power on buttonUSB not working properly, you have to press really deep into usb charger- still sometimes works, the other times doesn’t work.Another issue is the power-on button. You basically no feel if you press on or not. The button itself is very hard, you cannot feel if you press in or not.Once you get the matching spinning, then it works, it does clean your dirty makeup brushes quick and easy.Updates – I immediately got the buyer’s feedback to provide me full refund for my defective product, right after I commented on the defects. The customer service provided was super fast and timely, very appreciated! Thank you taking care of your customer’s issues!I just added back one more star!

    enero 29, 2023
  9. Ashley Shafer

    Gets brushes cleanCleaning my bushes was so easy with this. So glad i bought it.

    diciembre 27, 2022
  10. Great design

    Great designThis new design cleans my brushes easily and saves much time compared with the regular way. 100% recommended.

    febrero 17, 2023

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