Paleta SUVA Hydra FX, colores primarios, incluye pincel

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  • La paleta UV Primaries Hydra FX incluye el pincel delineador fino de SUVA Beauty y todos los colores para una creación ilimitada de color
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Descripción del producto

Activación de forro Hydra de SUVA Beauty

Activación UV Grunge de SUVA Beauty

SUVA Beauty UV Grunge Aplicación

Luz UV Grunge de SUVA Beauty

1. Usar solo agua

Hydra FX debe activarse con agua antes de su uso. Utiliza la tapa Hydra FX como plato para el agua.

*Nota: Si deseas experimentar con otros agentes de mezcla (es decir, pulverizador de fijación, medios de mezcla). Recomendamos raspar el producto Hydra FX de la olla antes de activarlo. Nunca contamines la olla original Hydra FX con ningún otro agente que no sea agua.

2. Activar Hydra FX

Humedece tu cepillo de maquillaje con agua. Utiliza el cepillo para mezclar en el producto hasta que forme una textura cremosa (como el helado derretido! ). Si es necesario, moja el cepillo más y continúa mezclando hasta que la fórmula esté suave.

*La clave es obtener una consistencia cremosa opaca antes de aplicar. Esto te dará una aplicación de una sola pasada Aplicar aplicaciones transparentes del producto puede resultar en grietas.

3. Aplicar como delineador de ojos o arte corporal

Aplica el Hydra FX como delineador de ojos o arte corporal. La aplicación será a prueba de manchas y resistente a la transferencia una vez seca Deja que el producto se seque completamente al aire en una zona sanitaria antes de guardarlo.

4. Sube de nivel con el brillo Hydra FX

Sorprende a todos tus amigos con un maquillaje brillante UV/luz negra Perfecto para raves, festivales de música, bolos y mucho más

*Consejo interior: Mezcla cualquier acabado de Hydra Liner con un UV Hydra FX para hacer que la nueva mezcla brille bajo la luz ultravioleta

Paletas de sombras y beneficios clave de SUVA Beauty Hydra FX
Peso2,89 kg
Dimensiones2,28 × 0,75 cm
Dimensiones del paquete ‏

‎ 6.38 x 2.28 x 0.75 pulgadas; 2.89 Onzas


‎ 824644001380

Fabricante ‏

‎ SUVA Beauty


‎ B09GR4J6VC


a la tienda de SUVA Beauty

10 valoraciones en Paleta SUVA Hydra FX, colores primarios, incluye pincel

  1. JeniLee

    Super pigmented and smudge proofI am obsessed with these liners! Super easy to work with and last all night. Very pigmented bright colors!!

    enero 20, 2023
  2. Amazon customer

    Great productI really like this product. I think if you use the right base (which I didn’t do while testing it) the pigments and sheerness isn’t a worry. I did find that it isn’t as smudge proof and it seemed like it should be. Still a great product nonetheless

    noviembre 2, 2022
  3. Lily

    Cracking and looseWhen I opened up the product I was happy.. that was until I actually opened up the makeup palette and then the whole green eyeliner color fell out the tin. It was not glued down properly or secured.. it was loose and fell out right into my hand. Glad it didn’t fall on the floor. (I put the green back in the tin for the picture) The yellow was also cracking. But the colors are vibrant and beautiful.

    febrero 5, 2023
  4. Medina

    ObsessedMy best friend got me on to these liners and I am hooked. Love how bright and well these mix together and they lasted all day during triple digit heat. I now want all the palettes.

    septiembre 6, 2022
  5. Carmen B

    Beautiful color& easy to useBold, bright colors that actually show up bright! Very easy to use and a little goes a long way. I would definitely recommend for anyone wanting bright color payout.

    junio 24, 2022
  6. Fabiola M.

    Love love love!!These are soooo pretty!!! Pastel yet bright! I already have the bright set, this pastel version and I’ve just now ordered the “primaries”!!! Personally they’re easy to work with and they’re UV as well

    mayo 17, 2022
  7. Maria Virginia Galvan Castillo

    ExcelentesMe encantaron excelente producto tienen muy buena calidad

    marzo 26, 2022
  8. Lover of All Things Beauty

    Work great but other options out there where you get more colors for less that work just as greatI had always heard about the SUVA hydra FX liners, so when I saw they had palettes, I was excited to try one! I decided to get “Grunge.” I have some other water-activated liners but they are all neon and pastel colors, so these were different from what I already had!They come in an outer product box. The palette is plastic, but has a nice look and feel to it. It’s very slim. There is a mirror in the lid. You get a thin liner brush with it.The pan sizes are a decent size. They seem to be a standard pan size.These are water-activated. So, you can either spray water straight into the pan, drop a few drops of water straight into the pan, or wet your brush and dip it into the pan. I usually take a brush, wet it, and dip it into the pan and swirl it around in the pan to activate the liners. These activated well. They were pigmented and opaque. I’ve tried water activated liners that weren’t too opaque and ones that were really opaque. These ones are really opaque! Of course, you need to be careful how much water you use. Too much water and you water it down and the color is thin and watery. Too little water and it’s hard to work with. That is why I prefer to wet my brush and dip it into the pan. That way I can control how much water I’m adding until I get the consistency I want.These apply nicely. When you activate them, they’re creamy. They glide on easily without skipping. Once they dry down they stay in place well. Of course, since they’re water activated, they aren’t going to be water proof so that is something to be aware of. They don’t crack at all. I love that! A lot of colored liners crack and don’t end up looking too great shortly after applying them. These look nice and smooth the whole time!Overall, I think these are great water activated liners. It is a little pricey at $32 (at the time of writing this review) for 5 pans. Now there are so many water activated liners on the market from random brands that have water activated liners for much cheaper, and in a lot of cases getting more colors, it’s hard to justify this price tag. I like the color story for the “Grunge” palette. I also like they have a palette of “Brights,” primary colors (“Primaries”), and pastels (“Taffies”). But, those are each separate palettes, which means they’re each $32. There are sets of water activated liners here on Amazon where you get a mix of primary colors, brights, and pastels all together for less than one of these palettes. So, that is definitely something to be aware of. I have a set from one of those cheaper, random brands that works just as well as these. So, I think these are definitely pricey. I don’t like rating based on price since we all have different views on what’s affordable/expensive. So, I’ll just say these work really well. They are easy to work with. They are creamy and opaque. I definitely recommend them if you don’t mind the price. But, there are other options where you get more than 5 shades for cheaper that work just as well. I give these 5 stars for how well they work!

    marzo 3, 2022
  9. Remaiyn

    Fun for short wear/photos.REVIEWING: Hydra FX Palettes (Brights)***I’m no artist, but I can do okay with a guide. I chose this pallette for fun cosplay/anime inspired looks. The brights reminded me of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Seemed fun.I appreciate that it’s cruelty free + vegan friendly.It does dry to be smudge proof, but wipes off easily when wet.It’s water activated and NOT waterproof. It wiped off easily with a wipe, but you’ll still need to wash your face for the non-visible residue leftover.Very pretty colors & case. Everything is so vibrant.The mirror was hard to use. I was hanging out in my room winging designs & ended up just using my phone camera in selfie mode.I used makeup brushes, but I feel they were too soft. I couldn’t get as much precision. I’d recommend paint brushes.The orange was the thinnest but brightest. I pretty much had to allow them all to get sort of pasty to get it to apply thick & full; otherwise, it was too runny & thin. The orange just seemed to stay splotchy regardless.It made my skin feel tight when it dried, but no actual irritation.It did show up well pigmented for my skintone. Every color was distinguishable.I’ll for sure be able to do some fun looks with this pallette. I don’t recommend IF you need something that holds up for extended periods of time (3+ hr) especially extravagant designs.

    febrero 17, 2022
  10. Lisa B.

    Very pretty and work wellThese are some pretty, bright shades and I am getting some great looks from this set! I love the colors in this palette and that they are water activated. The brush that is included is so perfect for getting a good straight line. The palette also has a mirror in the lid. I love to brighten up my eyes and these are good quality and do a good job. They never run or smear. I do recommend!

    agosto 28, 2022

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